1. Education mentorship: we organize education outreach programs to empower young people on the importance of education in eliminating poverty and achieving the SDGs
2. Capacity and skills building program: we partner with individuals and organizations to give women and young people the opportunity to learn new skills to enable them to start their own small and medium scale businesses.
3. Advocacy and community development: we raise funds to support specific community programs. Over the past few years, we have built boreholes to provide water for deprived communities, bought shoes and sandals for children, provide teaching and learning materials for deprived schools, etc
4. Political participation of young people: in an era where about 60% of Ghana’s population is below the age of 30. We believe the future of our country is its young people. Through our co-founder, Fieve Karl Julius who is the youngest local government representative in Ghana, we organize a campaign to encourage young Ghanaians to run for local government positions.
5. Girls Education and women empowerment: we work with accomplished women in diverse fields to encourage, mentor and empower young girls through school.


GADI-GHANA’s work is entirely undertaken by a team of dedicated volunteers who help in various capacities in relation to their practical and professional skills.